A Scriptural Re-Examination of the End-Time Scenario

                                                         by  DR. CYNTHIA D. WALLACE (PhD)


From the publisher: "There are many theories about the return of Christ and the Great Tribulation, but what does Scripture tell us about these events? In Don’t Miss the Rapture, Dr. Cynthia D. Wallace clarifies – and at times confronts – some controversial Rapture theories of the Church, and weighs them against the totality of Scripture.Pre-, mid-, or post-Tribulation persuasions are at the epicenter of the current-and-choice end-time debate, with no overall consensus to date. This book is an in-depth Scriptural answer to the question. A corollary to this underlying theme is the vital importance of “watching” and  being “ready”. This two-fold message is abundantly supported by Dr. Wallace’s painstaking and thorough approach to Scriptural analysis, with fresh and provocative insights into the various and complex issues at stake. This is a “must read” for all those truly interested in enlarging their vision on this timely and crucial subject." 

Background: About 20 years ago, in my apartment in Washington DC, the Lord spoke ‘audibly’ in my spirit: "Forget everything you have ever heard and read it again." I knew He was referring to the Book of Revelation, which I had been reading avidly since the age of twelve. I obeyed, with particular attention to the timing of the Rapture. As I did, the Scriptures that I had read all my life, and had come to fairly well understand, suddenly became amazingly and unambiguously clear! In the book, I share what the Spirit revealed to me at that time and has since confirmed and reconfirmed through many Scriptures which fill the book and undergird the ‘revelation’. The original objective of the book was to promote unity in the Body of Christ on points where there is needless confusion and division; but as I wrote, this objective was all but overtaken by Jesus’ urgent message to "watch" and be ready for His soon return.

Objective and message:  The current book on the Rapture is the culmination of over 50 years of personal study of the Book of Revelation and related eschatological scriptures. I reached the point where I realized I could not begin to explain the fruits of my life-long search in one sitting, on such a complex and profound subject. So suddenly I felt compelled to write it all down, hoping to keep it short in order to reach the greatest possible readership. However, it continued to grow as revelation flowed forth even as I wrote and my vision was expanded beyond even what I had thought I understood. My desire is to share with the Body of Christ (and all those who will) the spiritual insights on Revelation, particularly the timing of the Rapture, that I have gleaned through the inspiration of my awesome teacher, the Holy Spirit, over the years and in an even greater measure as I began to actually pen this book.

Uniqueness: The book digs deep into familiar and less familiar Scriptures to clarify – and at times confront – some controversial Rapture theories, as well as to revisit some time-honoured and more contemporary ‘doctrines’ and to honestly weigh them against the totality of the Scriptures in a quest for greater revealed truth. The book uncovers possible misinterpretations or misrepresentations of certain Rapture scenarios and boldly addresses certain issues with some (I pray, divine) insights that I have not heard or seen elsewhere but of which I have become thoroughly persuaded by the whole body of Scripture. The book is meant to bring more clarity that can unify and thus bless the Body of Christ and help to prepare her for the eschatological events that are rapidly approaching, if not already upon us. The reader is encouraged to re-search the Scriptures for him/herself. It is hoped that the experience afforded by the reading of this book will not only unify the Body but will also draw lost souls to Jesus prior to His coming.

Target readership: The target readership is (1) the Body of Christ – to promote unity on points where there is needless confusion, misunderstanding and division, as well as to re-emphasize Jesus’ urgent message to "watch" and be ready for His soon return; and (2) the curious non-believer who is drawn – by the Spirit or by pure intellectual or even contentious curiosity – to learn more about this current and mysterious subject, The Rapture, and in so doing, to discover in the midst of this troubled world the peace that passes all understanding.

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