Dr. Cynthia D. Wallace is an award-winning author with over forty publications in law and policy (books, articles, reviews, op eds, etc.) and in creative writing (poetry and prose, including scriptural/spiritual subjects). As a hobby, she is also an award-winning artist. 

By profession, Dr. Wallace is an international lawyer with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University and a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College. She has had various teaching and research assign-ments in academia (inter alia, Harvard, McGill, Georgetown, Heidelberg, and Cambridge Uni-versities) as well as professional posts in various international agencies of the United Nations (in Vienna, New York and Geneva). She speaks English, French and German.

For ten years she lived in Washington D.C., where she was engaged in international law and policy research at Georgetown Univer-sity's International Law Institute (ILI) and the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), a D.C. "think tank", along with consulting for the World Bank, USAID and the Pentagon. These and various UN assignments have taken her to all continents and corners of the globe

Dr. Wallace has been awarded repeated legal research fellowships to two of the Max-Planck Institutes for International Law (in Heidelberg and Hamburg, respectively).

Already endowed with an innately inquisitive, logical and analytical mind, her legal background and extensive professional research and writing have specially equipped her with a highly detail-oriented, thorough and systematic approach that she applies to her  scriptural as well as legal research and writing. 

On the more strictly spiritual side, while at the UN in Geneva, "Dr. Cynthia" was one of the founders of an international church ("Church for the Nations"), in which she served as elder and intercessor as well as on the prayer and music ministry teams, at times leading the worship and occasionally bringing the Word from the pulpit. 

There she held monthly 9-hour all-night prayer "for Israel, Geneva and the nations" (“Geneva Night Watch”) for some 5 years, followed by weekly 3-hour prophetic intercessory worship gatherings -- first in a 100-year-old church at the "gates" of Geneva, and later in a 700-year-old church up in her own mountain village, looking down over the Lake of Geneva, across to the Alps and the massive Mont Blanc, and all the way up the Lake to the majestic "jet d'eau" (sky-piercing fountain) in the heart of Geneva, known as "the City of God", harkening back to the Reformation with John Calvin and his contemporary reformers. These intercessory worship evenings were known as "Breakthrough Worship" and are the main source of her book bearing that title.

She has carried on the 3-hour Breakthrough Worship in her current location in the United States, where she has been caring for her 106-year-old mother since 2012 in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York, on Lake Champlain. She maintains her home in Geneva and her apartment in Washington, DC, unsure of where God is going to send her next when her mother is promoted to Heaven. But She has long considered "her" three God-appointed cities to be Washington, Geneva and Jerusalem and believes that “the best is yet to come!”



You might wonder why God would choose an international lawyer, rather than one more theologian, to write a book on the timing of the Rapture. To really dig into the Scriptures and arrive at the pro-positions and conclusions set out in DON'T MISS THE RAPTURE required a high degree of legal discipline in approaching the "Original Source" (a lawyer's watchword) -- in this case, the BIBLE. To prepare me even to presume to challenge some widely accepted and too-seldom questioned eschatological 'doctrines', Father may well have had to draw me into the law, with its precision-oriented disciplines, for the main pur-pose of fine-tuning and honing these skills for bringing forth this one book, for His purposes, at such a time as this.

In a sense, the book actually began to write itself already at about age 12, long before even hearing of such a thing as "international law" or, for that matter, the "Rapture". At that tender age, Father  already gave me a fascination for the Book of Revelation and all the related prophetic Scriptures I could discover. I believe Father was at work even then, quietly but sovereignly preparing me for this particular  assign-ment. 

A significant catalyst came decades later when, in my Washington DC apartment, I heard the Holy Spirit one day say clearly in my spirit, word for word: "Forget everything you've ever heard and read it again." (I knew at once He was talking of the Book of Revelation.) I gladly obeyed, and this book is the ultimate fruit of that Word and some 20+ additional years of further searching of the Scriptures., which I am still searching 

May your reading of this book of my heart bless and encourage you as you search and consider the Scriptures with me and arrive at your own sanctified conclusions.

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