and the Implications for the Proposed New Palestinian State   



"As we pray for God’s ancient, firstborn People, the Jews, and for the peace of Jerusalem, it is important that we also understand the international legal foundations underlying the key issues at stake. Dr. Cynthia Wallace, who personally is deeply rooted in Scripture, has as well a long academic career in international law. She has provided the global community a most valuable and extremely well documented resource to help us understand these critically timely issues like few others could. Dr. Wallace does not stop there, but also looks beyond overused catchy headlines in order to “decode” the cleverly worded media rhetoric and uncover truths relating to the ‘core’ issues—both historically and legally—in a way that leads to practical as well as spiritual support of Israel. This is an approach that many who have wanted to do more for Israel in practical terms have been waiting for. This work is a spark of truth that will light a torch of justice." 

—Robert Stearns, President, Eagles’ Wings


"Dr. C.D. Wallace presents a crucial guidebook to the complicated issues of international law underlying Israel’s sovereignty over the land of Israel and Jerusalem. This foundational book belongs in the arsenal of every advocate for truth and moral clarity in the Middle East."

 —Calev Myers, Founder and Chief Counsel, Jerusalem Institute of Justice


"Dr. Cynthia Wallace has put together a most important book on the foundational rights for Israel’s existential privilege in Jerusalem and the land once known as “Palestine”. These foundational rights extend beyond just ‘humanitarian’ considerations, being firmly moored in the underpinnings of international law. This book should be required reading for political representatives and concerned citizens of any nation that desires to justly pursue resolution of the seemingly unending territorial disputes between Israel and the Palestinians. While Dr. Wallace’s contribution does not pretend to be a “road map for peace”, without the relevant legal comprehension there can be no “road map for peace”. 

—Johnny Enlow. Author: The Seven Mountain Prophecy and The Seven Mountain Mantle


"There are few issues that are more neglected, misunderstood and misrepresented in the international debate arena than Israel´s rights in the disputed territories. Whereas much attention has been given to the plight of the Palestinian people, little appears to be truly understood about Israel´s rights to what are generally called the “occupied territories” but what really are “disputed territories.” Dr. Cynthia Wallace and the European Coalition for Israel have done a great service to those who are truly interested in the facts and not only fiction and myths, by presenting a clear legal perspective on this important issue. A final and comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East can only be built upon historical facts and legal foundations. Through her well-researched and clearly presented document, Dr. Wallace has significantly contributed to a common understanding grounded in history and international law." 

—Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister, Government of Israel


"Cynthia Wallace provides one of the clearest, most succinct and compelling explanations of Israel’s right to its land that I have read. She sheds light on the Israeli-Palestinian issue here too often rhetoric and half-truths have obscured the legal and historic right of the Jewish people to a homeland. Nations and individuals need to know the history before they make historic decisions. Wallace provides it. I believe it’s a profound contribution to the world-wide dialogue that should be read by diplomats, journalists and decision makers as they deliberate on the pressing issue of our time."

 —Chris Mitchell, CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, Jerusalem


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