A Scriptural Re-Examination of the End-Time Scenario 



 “Dear Dr. Wallace … After reading your "Israel" book, I found myself searching the internet to see what else you had written, which is when I found your other book, Don’t Miss the Rapture. I’ve been active in ministry since the early 1990s and words simply can't express my amazement at, and respect for, how God has used you to present such a clear understanding of the scriptures on a subject where such disunity amongst believers has reigned. Your book puts a whole new slant on what it means for believers to endure to the end. I agree with your position on the "Mid-Week"/Mid-Trib Rapture, based on my own understanding of the scriptures and also because it comports with a dream that the Lord gave me about the Rapture many years ago before I had even studied those portions of scripture. 

 Bobbette Abraham, Virginia Beach, VA, USA.


“Dear Cynthia … I received "Don't Miss the Rapture" about 10 days ago. … I was so eager to get into it so that I've read it since then almost every day with increasing zeal. Meanwhile I'm almost through for a first time and I'm simply struck - I'll have to read it again several times in order to assimilate it sufficiently.  … Your work shows so many facets of the things to come still in a holistic way which presumably only few believers are able to work out by themselves. To me it appears as a perfectly assembled puzzle out of a great many parts yet well perceivable. Still it's comprehensible how you assembled it out of the many cross-references in God's Word, following the principle God's Word does interpret God's word. ...I thank Our Lord that He has shadowed you by His Ghost in this abundant manner and I beg Him to bless you furthermore this way, thereby being a blessing to many.  

 Harald Held, Neustadt, Germany


“Dear Cynthia … Your rapture book continues to be a great blessing, especially as I have been doing Revelation as an end of year study. Your revelations have brought me much shalom on Father's purposes for His world and for me during these times. … .  I realise that questions I have been asking Abba sotto voce He is now answering loud and clear in your book.  Hallelujah.”  

  Marilyn Keenan, London, UK  


“Dear Cynthia, I just finished reading your book, Don't Miss the Rapture. I was amazed at the thoroughness of your study and presentation. As might be expected, there are a few interpretations that are new to me or that vary from what I've previously held to be true. So now I want to spend some time re-exploring the Scriptures.”  

— Sandy Hatfield, Brighton, Michigan, USA


“Hello, Cynthia! … The book: That you have been called and designed, no doubt, before the age of twelve, I dare say, to bring the message of this book Don't Miss the Rapture, unveils another large dimension in God’s “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations”. (Jer 1:5). ... Yes! The Master Potter foreknew Cynthia, chose and designed her to write the book, which He has already written in heaven. Girl, you got the download! … Cynthia, you were hand-made for this task ….”

 Charles Kingsley, Geneva, Switzerland 

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