A Scriptural Re-Examination of the End-Time Scenario 



 PART I of the present book on the timing of the Rapture of the Church, the "bride", concentrates on defining the parameters, identifying the fundamental issues and comparing Daniel’s seventieth week (the Time of Jacob’s Trouble) with the Jesus’ and John’s revelations about the "hour of temptation" to come upon all the world (the Great Tribulation). The "pre-Tribulation", "mid-Tribulation" and "post-Tribulation" positions are set out, with their basic premises and their scriptural bases. Part I also grapples with the pre-Wrath issue, as the timing of the Wrath is fundamental to the understanding of the timing of the Rapture. There is a particular emphasis on the two halves of Daniel’s "week", separated by the entrance of the antichrist (the "abomination of desolation"). Addressed in this context is the significance of the difference between the so-called "Tribulation" and the "Great Tribulation" and how this bears on the timing of God’s Wrath, which in turn has crucial and far-reaching implications for the timing of the Rapture of the Church itself.

PART II revisits all the major arguments for the pre- and mid-Tribulation positions with a fresh but profoundly scriptural approach, weighing each position against both Old and New Testaments, in depth and in detail, in an effort to determine the true-to-Scripture timing of this monumental event. The focus is the time leading up to and including the Rapture.

PART III addresses the post-Rapture period up to the Second Coming, systematically identifying, inter alia, the distinctions between those Scriptures belonging to the Rapture and those belonging to the Second Coming. There is often confusion over which Scriptures belong to which events, clouding the understanding of both and easily leading to interpretational and doctrinal error. This in itself will strongly influence – rightly or wrongly – one’s view on the timing of the Rapture. Part III also examines scripturally (and even extra-scripturally) the position supporting a post-Tribulation Rapture and the confusion of certain Scriptures intended to show a 'post-Trib' Rapture of the Jews, with a 'post-Trib' Rapture of the Church. Part III attempts systematically, ‘scientifically’ and scripturally to untangle this web and to associate the appropriate Scriptures with the correspond-ing eschatological events. In addition, Part III also confronts the question of the identity of the "two witnesses".

PART IV unveils certain aspects about the "bride", drawn out of Scriptures that are surprisingly "hidden in plain sight". This final Part concerns the bride’s (extraordinary) future, post-Rapture, and opens up some astonishing scriptural truths that have never, to this author's knowledge, been openly taught or proclaimed elsewhere.  But in fact it turns out to be even better than imagined, and cause for great rejoicing! 

So where there is a receptive mind and a will to seek and discover truth, Father God continues to open up whole new windows of understanding onto this ever-unfolding and increasingly awesome end-time scenario. Therefore,  dear reader, if there are still questions in your mind about the Rapture and the Return, and your heart is still unsettled over some of the ‘dark’ mysteries, and your soul longs to know more and to be better prepared, you are not alone. I invite you to delve into this book.


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